Batmobile Bed

Some of you may have seen the the Batman Clock , and have you imaging to make the Batmobile bed? It is relatively cheap and easy to build.Building the bed was relatively quick, just had to pick a day with decent weather as this was all cut outside. All in I think the bed cost just over £130, but that included a new mattress and bed slats from Ikea which was at least £80.

Materials Required:
Paper Version of your design
MDF x2 18mm MDF Sheets (1220 x 2440)
MDF Sealer
Wooden Battens (I uses 33mm x33mm)
Knock down fittings
Paint, various
Masking Tape
x1 Ikea Child Mattress
x1 Ikea Sultan Luroy Bed Slats

Toos Required:
Tape Measure

Step 1: Choosing and scaling the design

Use software to draw a grid(each square represented 100mm) and made the picture size represent 1300 x 2500. Next is to print the design onto A4.

Step 2: Transferring the design

Transferring the design to the MDF sheet was a bit of a slow task. You can start out by drawing out 100mm grids across the whole sheet of MDF as the each square represented the same area as this print.


Step 3: Cutting out the bed

Once the design was transferred the next step was to cut it out. Use a jigsaw to cut out the whole thing and then tidied up all the edges with some sandpaper. Once the one side was cut and cleaned up you can clamp this to the left over MDF sheet and using the router with template bit traced round it to cut out the other side.

Step 4: Prep and painting

Next step was to get everything prepped and painted. First step was to seal all the MDF as we know this is a very thirty material when it comes to paint, especially the edges.

Step 5: Putting it all together

Now everything was painted it was time to put it all together. You can use two battens that the slats would rest on in order to make the mattress. Finally the mattress was added along with nice black bedsheets to complete the look.


If you want to see more information about this Batmobile bed. Please visit this website.  Batmobile bed 







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