Boat Bed

Make a boat bed is not as hard as you thought. Just follow the tutorial step by step, you can easily to built a boat bed to your children!
Step 1: Design and Materials

Tools used:
Circular saw
Jig saw
Cordless drill
Palm sander (random orbit)
Japanese style pull saw
Various drill bits
Tape measure
Quick clamps

Step 2: Build the frame

Use the wood to build the shape like this.FSNA650HPG00AAY.MEDIUM.jpg

Step 3: Finish top of prowFCIMMKOHPG00AB9.MEDIUM

Step 4: Cover the sides

Use 1/8″ plywood to cover the boat.


Step 5: Banket storage

Use another scrap piece of ply from the crib.  Trimmed it out and put some hinges and a handle on it.


Step 6: Finish

Stain the top rails and the inside of the side where the mattress will sit.  Then painted the outside of the boat solid green.  Once the green dried I dry brushed dark green and white in that order to give it a weathered look.


If you want to see more information about this boat bed. Please visit this website.Boat bed




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