A Side Table

Now, there’s barely a sliver at the centre of the Venn diagram representing my taste and Greg’s. So we decided this project would marry his love of wood and rustic decor with my love of clean lines and modern styling – but not exactly like the model in the photo, which he found boring and I found lacking personality (yes, that’s similar to boring, but it’s not the same to me). It was the utility and simplicity of the box and the cleverness of its legs we liked.

Step 1:

Make table from a leftover old door.
Create a lip around the outside of the tabletop to prevent things from rolling off it.

turning a door into an upcycled table
Step 2:

The center panel of the door just happened to be the perfect width for our table, including the border around the edges. After paint off the door. Cut a routed piece from another section of it to fill in the side of the table top that was left open after he cut it from the door. Then  glue it into place and left it in the vice for a while.

upcycled table unvarnished
Step 2:

Create the sides and back of the box by piecing together pieces from the sides of the door. One solid piece serving as the bottom. Use spare two-by-four cut down to match the thickness of the door to make the legs.

upcycled table DIY finished 2
upcycled table DIY finished 1
If you want to see more information about this side tables . Please visit this website. A Side Table


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