Suitcase chair


4 legs
4 screw on leg attachments
1 piece of thin plywood cut to fit inside your suitcase
foam or pillows to fit in your suitcase


Suitcase sizes vary so you’ll have to figure out how much pillow or foam you want to make your cushions how you want them.
Start with a suitcase:

step 1: spray paint legs

step 2: cover the pillows/foam with your fabric and tuft them. To tuft a pillow use a needle and thick thread. Tie it in a knot and sew through the pillow and back until you have a nice “tuft.” Just push the whole needle through your pillow and tie a knot. It’s a little tricky to get the needle through the pillow, but it is easier if you hold the pillow down with one hand (or a knee) while you sew. Or if you have a handy helper around, have them hold the plushness of the pillow down to make it easier. Make sure you don’t poke yourself though! You may consider using a thimble.

I used a pattern of 3 tufts, 2 tufts, 3 tufts, in a brick pattern.

Then pull the fabric around the back of the pillow and baste it on with a needle and thread.

When you’ve sewn it on, squirt a little hot glue in the back of each of the tufts to keep the thread tight.
Step 3: Put the piece of plywood in the bottom of the suitcase and turn both upside down onto a shoebox or bucket as a stand. Now, place your screw on leg holders in the corners of the suitcase. Screw it on. The screws will go through to the plywood, making your chair extra sturdy.

Once your holders are all set, screw in your (dried) legs.
Step 4: Put a layer of foam in the bottom of the suitcase to raise the cushion just a little. I glued them all in place. Since the bottom of my suitcase, which will be the bottom of my chair, is a little deeper than the top, I wanted the pillow to stand up more. The foam just raises it up a little.

Step 5: Put a layer of good glue in the top of your suitcase and push your top cushion down.
Push it down firmly with your hands and let it dry for an hour or so with weights on top. I’m a wimp and had 3-pounders handy. (which are plenty with the 30 day shred. Ugg. I’m not that wimpy, really!)

Then put it in the corner of your bedroom. A perfect little nook for reading tales of adventure(?) or love stories. Whatever.

If you want to see more information about this suitcase chair. Please visit this website. Suitcase chair


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